Sokoto man earns extra N70K per week as booking agent on the Uber for tractors — here’s how he did it

Hello Tractor Booking agent, Auwalu, posing with tractor operator

    • Man makes extra income through Hello Tractor by booking tractor services for small farmers in his community
    • After speaking with Hello Tractor, Auwalu downloaded the booking app and began booking tractor service for farmers
    • Hello Tractor technology connects these bookings with tractor owners in his area looking to service farmers fields 
    • Auwalu is earning N70,000 per week as a booking agent


Alhaji Auwalu Rabah made it clear to us, he is not a farmer. However, like most Nigerians, he knows farmers, thousands of them. Within his family, community, and across his local government, he has daily interactions with farmers that need a tractor to service their field. However, these farmers often times can’t afford to own their own machine.

This is where Hello Tractor comes in and where Auwalu saw his opportunity. Before becoming a Hello Tractor booking agent, Auwalu, was doing small jobs to make ends meet. This work helped him piece together an income that was unpredictable and often times not enough. Then came the opportunity with Hello Tractor.

There are tens of millions of young people across Nigeria, like Auwalu. These youth suffer from underemployment and low living standards. For many, big cities like Lagos and Abuja are the only destinations to find opportunity. Young people leaving their community in search of opportunity places pressure on these rural economies as there is no more labor available. For the young people that stay, they struggle to find work and, in extreme instances, serve as a recruitment base for fringe groups like Boko Haram.

Despite the opportunities, young people remain largely disinterested in traditional farming. They do not want to enter a life where long hours of manual labour with hand tools is the norm. But, through Hello Tractor, they have a new way to engage. Hello Tractor’s technology makes it easy and profitable for tractor owners to make money from their tractors while serving customers in need of tractor services. The company connects tractor owners to these farmers through booking agents, like Auwalu, who organize tractor jobs through the Hello Tractor booking agent app.

The Hello Tractor booking app enables Booking Agents to hire and manage tractor services requested by farmers. Booking Agents use the app to input the requested tractor service, the date of the service, size of job, and location. Once a sufficient amount of requests are captured by the booking agent (roughly 30Ha), the nearest tractor owner is alerted about the opportunity and connected.

The cost of mechanized services varies per state in Nigeria, however, the average is N25k/Ha for ploughing and N12.5k/Ha for ridging and harrowing. Booking agents, like Auwalu, make 10% of the gross amount of bookings they organize. Tractor owners, for placing their machines on the platform, make great income as well!

For Auwalu, he mentions the opportunity to book services through Hello Tractor as easy and convenient. With this additional income, he plans to expand his business by buying more pieces of land to grow crops. This is encouraging news for Nigeria as young people like Auwalu represent the future of farming in the region.

To learn more about becoming a booking agent download the app here. For customer support, call 09096909999