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User Settings

User Settings takes you to a screen from which you can make edits to your user details. You can change details such as your name, contact information as well as notification settings 


Tractor Activity Map

The tractor activity map is the screen you see once you first login to the app. It allows you see a map view of all tractors that have been added to your fleet. If you have no tractors that have already been added, then the map will be empty until tractors are added.


Tractor List

Tractor List lets you add new tractors to your fleet as well as see a list of all the tractors within your fleet.

For each tractor in your fleet, you have options to generate reports, create  or remove a geofence, add maintenance schedules, check fuel usage, schedule jobs per tractor or immobilize your tractor.


Operator List

Operator List lets you add an operator profile for each tractor in your fleet, assign that operator to a tractor or see a list of already added operators in your account



Farmer lets you see a heatmap of booking agents within your network. Zoom in to see exact locations as needed.



On Bookings, you get to manage tractor service requests that come in either directly from farmers or from local agents aggregating within farming demand. You can choose to accept or decline a service request based on your tractor’s availability.



More gives you options to share feedback, learn about Hello Tractor, add admin accounts and logout of your account




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