How do I add a geofence to my tractor?

Adding a geofence to your tractor ensures that it never leaves an area that you confine it to. To add a geofence:

a. From the app’s landing screen, tap

b. Navigate to . Tap the icon and you will be brought to a screen that displays a list of all the tractors you have in your fleet

c. For each tractor on your list, tap the list icon to reveal various options to manage your tractor.


d. Tap Geofence to reveal a screen from which you can add or remove a geofence from your tractor.


e. To add a geofence, zoom in or out of the map depending on how wide a location you would like your geofence to cover

f. Next tap the DRAW button and then draw a geofence around your tractor. You will receive a prompt that your geofence has been saved.



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