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Hello Tractor partners with John Deere to bring industry leading training, technology, and advanced analytics to contractors in Ghana and Kenya

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Hello Tractor is working in partnership with John Deere to create a network of 500 tractor contractors in Ghana and Kenya, providing them with training and technology to enable more efficient and profitable businesses, servicing more farmers. These contractors will receive world class training developed by John Deere and Hello Tractor. Along with the training, participants will also receive a technology package to manage and optimize their tractor fleet, operators, and agents managing bookings from farmers.


Contractors will undergo a 2-3 day intensive training program that has been designed by John Deere in collaboration with Hello Tractor, where they would get to learn about how to set up and run an agri-contracting business, how to market their business, make sales and manage their finance. They will also be taught about the basics of agronomy and mechanization to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge the need to operate a successful business.

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Using Hello Tractor’s IoT technology, contractors will be able to increase their tractor’s efficiency with features that enable viewing of the tractor’s location, monitoring fuel consumption and engine hours as well as predicting of maintenance needs. In addition, contractors are empowered with tools that enable them manage their tractor operators and receive aggregated farmer demand that is sent to them through local agents aggregating demand in farming communities.

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