Frequently Asked Questions

About Hello Tractor

What does Hello Tractor do?

Hello Tractor helps farmers access the services and products they need to lift them and their families out of poverty. We link farmers to these services and products using agents equipped with our technology. We help service providers and machine owners better manage their businesses and connect with the farmers that desire their services.

Does Hello Tractor have its own tractors?

No, Hello Tractor uses its technologies to help tractor owners get more use out of their tractors than they would without us. Tractor owners typically provide equipment while we support them with apps to make their hiring business profitable

Does Hello Tractor provide farmers with farm inputs through its platform?

Currently our partners are focused on farm equipment and not items like fertilizer, seed, or chemicals. However, we are looking to eventually incorporate inputs via our agent network over time.

How many branches does Hello Tractor have in Nigeria?

Hello Tractor goes to market through our agent network who are spread throughout Nigeria. We are also on the road quite often and visit many cities and villages throughout the country. Our Nigeria headquarters is in Abuja.

Does Hello Tractor give startup capital to youth after trainings?

Not directly, we however provide people with opportunities to make money as booking agents or tractor service providers (if they own a tractor)

How long has Hello Tractor been in operation in Nigeria?

Hello Tractor began operations in Nigeria in 2015.

What is a Smart Tractor?

Tractors without monitoring and connected technologies often sit idle and unused. By using technologies in a “smart” way we can increase productivity of tractors in the marketplace and create real business opportunities for tractor owners

How can my organization partner with Hello Tractor?

We work with all sorts of private sector and public sector organizations and we’re always looking for the next great partner. To partner with us, you can send us an email at stating how you’d like to work with us and we’ll be sure to respond to you as soon as possible

About Our Telematics Device

How does your hardware work?

As a customer of Hello Tractor, we provide a device that is fitted onto your tractor and allows us to capture tractor operation data through satellite. Our devices are built for the demands of the rural African environment. Our devices can broadcast over multiple carrier networks, are rugged, and work even in low signal environments. Our device are equipped with memory so that when there is not a signal, information can be stored and then released when a signal is eventually found. Our standard telematics device can locally store data for up to 3 days till the tractor gets to an area where there’s data coverage and then pushes to the cloud.

What are its specifications?

We sell multiple models of devices. Our standard device, works exceedingly well for the most common on-farm conditions but the higher end of our device spectrum allows for much more including capabilities like advance fuel management

Can I get the device if I already have a tractor?

Definitely, our device is an after-market device and it works on all tractor models.

About Our Apps

Can anyone use Hello Tractor’s apps?

Our apps are designed with user friendliness in mind. Some of our apps even come with local language capabilities. Our apps are, for right now, only available on Android. To truly take advantage of our ecosystem you need to be registered and if you want to use our Fleet Management app you must have a telematics device. All of our apps link to some sort of ID system as they are designed to address real business needs

What are the specifications for using the apps?

Most of our apps are available as both mobile and web solutions. The requirements for the mobile app are as follow:

  • Android OS version 4.1 and above
  • GPS enabled
  • At least 50mb memory space
  • Active internet connection

What are the main features of the Fleet Manager app?

Using customer feedback and market response, the apps are constantly upgraded to make them easier to use and more powerful. Our Fleet Manager app allows for remote monitoring of the tractor 24/7 and insight into when, where, and how it’s being used.

What are the main features of the Booking Agent app?

Our Booking App helps agents aggregate service demand even when no signal is present. Our Operator App monitors the work actually completed and does so with local language support

Can payment for services rendered be made via the app?

Currently, the vast majority of payments occur through cash but we are actively looking at ways to digitize the payment options for the benefit of the farmers and all players in the system.

Can bookings be sent to the app when in an area with no network coverage?

Yes. Our technology lets you send in bookings even when you are not connected to the internet. These bookings will be automatically pushed to our servers once you get some coverage

Can farm coordinates be input manually on the booking agent app?

Currently, no. This was however done intentionally as a way to ensure that booking agents go to the farm to inspect it and make sure it’s in a condition that allows for a tractor to be used on it

Can I still send in job bookings if I don’t have an android phone?

Yes, you can. The only issue will be the delay in sending out a tractor to your location. We can only guarantee fast tractor delivery when you book through the app

About Booking Jobs

How much can I make as a Hello Tractor booking agent?

As a Hello Tractor booking agent, you can make up to a 10% in commissions on every completed job. Earnings could run as high as N75,000 per week.

Who pays me my commission?

As a booking agent, it is your duty to collect payments from farmers after a job is completed. It is from this payment that you take out your agreed upon commission and then handover whatever is left to the tractor hiring agent.

Are there any criteria to meet before a tractor is sent to me?

Yes. Tractors require a critical mass to ensure profits for their owners. As a Booking Agent, your goal must be to aggregate as many jobs to keep the tractor busy for up to 1 week and 8 hours a day. A typical 75 hp tractor can plough about 20 ha a week and harrow 40 ha under ideal conditions. Booking Agents should strive to obtain those types of numbers.

If the distance between two farms is 50km will the tractor go there?

Tractor service is not about individual farms but farm aggregation. Farmer density and distance all matter to limit wear and tear on the equipment and keep profits within acceptable levels

If service is interrupted due to factors beyond the tractor operator's control, does operation on that farm continue into the next day?

Operators should strive to minimize any interruptions. Problems should be communicated to Hello Tractor, should they occur. If it is possible to do so, work will continue into the following day.

What are the service capacity levels of the tractors?

2 Wheel Tractors 15hp – Can plough 0.3 ha/week and harrow 0.6 ha/week under ideal conditions
Mahindra Tractors 65hp – Can plough 20 ha/week and harrow 40 ha/week under ideal conditions
John Deere (2 wheel & 4 wheel drive) 75hp – Can plough 20 ha/week and harrow 40 ha/week under ideal conditions

How does Hello Tractor manage coordinate bookings scheduled to take place on the same date?

With our network of fleet owners, we are able to service several farms on the same day. Hence, having several bookings on the same day is not a source of concern

Can I become a hiring agent at the beginning of the business or is there a stage I have to get to?

No. You can become a hiring agent from the get go if that is your preferred business.