About Booking Agents

Who is a Booking Agent?

A booking agent is an entrepreneur who identifies, organizes, and manages smallholder farmers in need of tractor services.

How do I become a Hello Tractor booking agent?

To become a booking agent with Hello Tractor, you will need to register under Hello Tractor who and be willing to discharge your duties under our rules and regulations to provide timely, quality and affordable tractor service to farmers within and outside your locality.

How does a booking agent make money?

Hello Tractor booking agents make a commission on every completed booking. Currently, commissions range between 7-10% of the service cost. Hence, if in one day you are able to complete service of 3 hectares of land, you earn a total of N7,500. If that happens consistently each day, you can earn as much as N35,000 on a weekly basis.

Minimum Requirements/Process

How many hectares do I need to aggregate to get connected to a tractor?

Yes! You must identify at least 25 hectares of land within a 5 km radius in order to schedule service. This represents approximately 6 days worth of work for one tractor. The number of hectares required increases as you increase your radius. For example, you must identify 55 hectares of land within a 15 km radius to schedule service. You must identify 105 hectares of land within a 25 km radius (maximum) to schedule service.

How many farmers do I need to have to get connected to a tractor?

The number of farmers you will need to get connected to a tractor is majorly dependent on the number of hectares that each farmer has.

As earlier indicated, a minimum of 25 hectares of aggregated land is required for a tractor within a 5km radius to be deployed. Hence you could either have 25 farmers who have 1 hectares each of farm land or have 5 farmers who have 5 hectares each of land etc

How much will I need to pay before I get a tractor for my farmers?

To secure a tractor, you will need to make a down payment that allows the tractor owner mobilize their tractor to the field at a good pace. This down payment is usually 50% of the the cost of the total services booked through the app. This money is either collected as commitment fee from farmers or advanced by you as a booking agent.

What condition must a farmer’s field be in to get serviced by a tractor?

A farmer’s field must meet the below requirements to be serviced by a tractor:

    1. Land must be free from shrubs, rocks, ditches etc
    2. Land must be moist with water especially for dry season farming


How much will I need to pay before I get a tractor?

You will either need to make a down payment of 50% of the cost of the total services booked through the app (usually collected as commitment fee from farmers) or pay an advance of N150,000 which you will get back (plus your profits) once service to farmers is completed.

What is the process of getting connected to a tractor?

To get connected to a tractor, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Hello Tractor app on google playstore
  • Sign up as a booking agent on the app
  • Identify farmers in you area in need of tractor service
  • Ensure that the farmers are willing and ready to pay for service
  • Visit farm site to ensure their field is tractor-able
  • Take measurement of the farmer’s field to know how many hectares you will be working with
  • Communicate service price to the farmer. (Ploughing N25,000/hectare, Harrow N12,500/hectare, Ridging N12,500/hectare). It is advisable to negotiate with farmers on a per/ hectare basis in other not to scare them away.
  • Collect a commitment fee from the farmer e.g 50% of 25000 for plough service = N12,500
  • Fill out all farmer/ field information on the app and tap “Book Now” to book service for the farmer

Once all the above are processes are completed, a tractor will be paired to your request.

About Tractor Operators

Do I need to get an operator before I get access to a tractor?

No. We already have operators assigned to all our tractors so you don’t need to bother about that. You will receive the contact information of the tractor operator that will be servicing your farmers’ field

What happens if the operator doesn’t do a good job?

If you find out that your operator is not doing a proper job, please let us know by either leaving a complain on the app or calling our hotline on 09096909999.
Please do not pick a fight with the operator on the field and try to avoid using foul language which may complicate things.

What happens if the operator goes to the wrong field?

Situations like these happen and we try to make sure to investigate the reason behind the operator going to the wrong field.

However, it is expected of you as a booking agent to either be on site to show the operator the correct field to work on or assign someone who will do this.

The Booking App

How do I download the Hello Tractor booking app?

Currently, the Hello Tractor Mobile App is only available for android phones.
Follow the instructions in the image below to download:


How do I create an account on the app?

To create an account on the Hello Tractor app, from the login screen, tap on Sign Up and follow the instructions below:

How do I sign in on the app?

Signing in on the app is easy. On the screen below, all you need to do is provide the required credentials (your phone number and password) and tap on “Sign In” to gain access.