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Advantages of mechanized farming

The use of machinery in modern farming is widely recognized as essential to increase the productivity of all other inputs used in production (e.g., seeds, fertilizer, water, labor, time). Despite the benefits of tractor mechanization, cost and access have been key impediments to its widespread adoption in sub-Saharan Africa, especially among smallholder farmers.

The Hello Tractor platform enables farmers to request affordable tractor services. It works since many farmers in the same area request service, giving the tractor owner sufficient total land area to make it worth while to deploy their tractors.

When tractors are available, farmers can make full use of their land and harvest before crop yields rot. This will increase the total yield. Tractor use also allows for field preparation, planting, and harvesting in a less time and labor-intensive way, enabling family members to pursue off-farm opportunities, e.g., education, employment, etc.

Download our impact white-paper to learn more about how Hello Tractor is breaking ground and driving change with regards to mechanized farming

Bookings and payment

With the Hello Tractor hardware and software solution you can easily improve your fleet and tractor management:

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Senegal
  • Mozambique
  • Bangladesh

(depending on your exact farm location)

We always try to expand the footprint so that more farmers can benefit from tractor services. Other markets in sub-Saharan Africa and southeast Asia are particularly interesting for us when we look at expansion.

How to Book and Pay

Book Tractor Service

To book tractor services, please register your farm details so that we can put you in contact with a local booking agent. You can also reach out directly to a booking agent in your area.

In the wet season, the demand for tractors is very high. Make sure you book your tractor service early to make sure there is a tractor available.

Pay for Service

The price of the tractor service is set by the tractor owner serving your area. The price depends on the type of service you request (ploughing, harrowing, tilling, etc.). You pay per hectare of land, and your field will be measured to get your exact land size.

You will receive a final price from the booking agent before you commit to the booking request.

NB: Payment is done in two pieces:

  1. When you commit to the booking request you pay a commitment fee to the booking agent. This is required by the tractor owners to deploy a tractor to your community
  2. When the tractor service is complete, you make the final payment to the booking agent before the tractor leaves your farm.

Tractor Services Available

We cooperate with local tractor owners that provide a variety of tractor services to farmers. Here are some examples of the most requested tractor services:


Land preparation activity used to loosen or turn the soil


Land preparation to break up and smoothen out the surface of the soil


The making of ridges or beds before planting



Gathering the ripe crop from the field



Used for carrying cargo


The tractors were available without delay. We were able to plant and harvest on time.

Sani MuhammedFarmer, Kano State (Nigeria)

Save money

With Hello Tractor, you get to pay only a fraction of the cost of manual labor for tractor service.

Access Tractors on Time

Our technology pairs your request only to tractors closest to you, ensuring that you have access to tractor service in a timely manner.

Reap a Bountiful Harvest

Harvest on time before crops start to rot by requesting for tractor service through Hello Tractor