Become a Hello Tractor Booking Agent

Requirements to become a Booking Agent

  1. Do you know farmers in your community and other communities?
  2. Do you have agricultural experience, for example from farming yourself or selling agricultural inputs?
  3. Do you have general knowledge about tractors and implements?
  4. Are you a social person that can engage farmers in conversations and communicate a clear message in a way they understand?
  5. Do you own an Android smartphone with data that allows you to use the Hello Tractor app to record farm information and send in booking requests?
  6. Are you willing to take on the role as the connector between farmers and tractor owners: visiting farmers, building relations, and being a trustworthy partner?

We have created an actual simple questionnaire for you to fill out that will help us assess  your ability to carry out the job effectively. Click the button below to fill it out:

Apply to become a Booking Agent

Apply to become a Booking Agent

We are currently cooperating with tractor owners in the following countries and are always welcoming talented booking agents on these markets:

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Senegal
  • Mozambique
  • Bangladesh

Are you interested in becoming a booking agent? First make sure that you fulfill the requirements, then register your interest by completing this form. Once we have received your application we will contact you to confirm your interest and invite you to the next available training.

You need to complete the Hello Tractor Booking Agent Training before commencing your work. We continuously train new booking agents in person or over the phone. During the training you will learn about:

The job of a booking agent and the commission-based compensation model

How to use the app

The benefits of mechanized farming

Your responsibilities

Best practices and tips to become a successful booking agent

At the end of the training you will be asked if you will commit to the booking agent job, and then receive login information to the app.

Download App

You can download the app in Google Play Store at any time. However, you will need a username, password and organization ID to fully use the app. These credentials will be given to you when you have completed the training.

Identify farmers and send in Booking Requests

Once you have completed the training and downloaded the app you are fully on-boarded. Now everything is in your hands as an entrepreneur! If you try hard and invest the time needed, you can earn lots of extra cash while helping farmers in your community.

Identify communities to approach

Visit the farmer head/community head and gain approval

Attend a town-hall meeting and present the benefits to the farmers of the village

Visit individual farmers

(understand their needs, register their farm information and set the right expectations. You need to aggregate at least 25 hectares from different farmers to get tractor services)

Once the farmer has agreed, collect the commitment fee and send in the booking request in the app

Once a tractor has been paired with your request, you will get a notification in the app

You will learn more about this approach during the training. It is important to know that it takes some time to build relations with new farmers. Once a farmer has received tractor services for the first time, it will be easier the next season to get a new booking request.

Day of Tractor Service

On the day of the tractor service, the booking agent should:

  1. Meet up with the operator and farmer
  2. Monitor the work of the operator to make sure it runs smoothly and the farmer is satisfied
  3. Collect the final payment from the farmer
  4. Deduct your commission and deposit the rest of the payment to the tractor owner

If you and the operator are able to make the farmer satisfied with the service, you have a better chance of getting a new booking request from the farmer in the future.