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Alerts and Indicators
  • Fuel theft (significant changes in fuel level)
  • Tractor moving
  • Tractor idle
  • Tractor off
  • Tractor enters geofence
  • Tractor leaves geofence
  • Service/maintenance due
  • Monitoring device tampered with
  • Bookings from farmers/farmer clusters
  • Tractor and fleet engine hours
  • Tractor and fleet working time
  • Tractor and fleet working area
  • Farmer database with their booking history
  • Track daily, weekly, and monthly tractor movements
  • Track daily, weekly, and monthly tractor activities at implement level
  • Track and locate tractor in real time
  • Track entire fleet in one view
  • Remote kill/immobilization
  • Operator assigned to the tractor
  • Operator work completed and the tractor used
  • Bookings completed by a tractor
  • Bookings completed by the operator
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Cumulative work (area)
  • Cumulative work (time)
  • Tractor uptime/efficiency
  • Operator activity with a tractor

Learn About Sustainable Mechanization

From improving crop yields to making agriculture tenable, mechanization is a key component to global food security. Here we provide examples of scalable business models, smart government policies, environmentally sustainable practices, and mechanization options for smallholder farmers.

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