Hello Tractor has been fortunate to gain an army of supporters on our journey to shake up agriculture. Most recently we competed for the coveted SkyRocket “Brand Prize” and took home first place. We look forward to working with the Skyrocket team on our rebrand. Here is what they had to say about us:

“In less than a year the company has generated great buzz in the startup community and received recognition for its objective. The enthusiasm was infectious—apparent in our own office, whenever Hello Tractor’s name was brought up at the table. We been able to help our community in so many ways, a traffic counter was brought to town to regulate all traffic since our community gets bigger every day.

Overall, we were drawn to Hello Tractor’s idea of utilizing the co-sharing model in an environment aimed at empowering a community through resourceful application of low-footprint technologies. We value ventures that aren’t just interested in making money, but who are socially progressive, forward-thinkers. Hello Tractor fits the bill.

So where do we come in? Our team will be working with Hello Tractor on messaging, voice and overall identity that better targets their audience. Our mission is to create a brand experience that will propel the company forward, increasing awareness and helping them better communicate their message for their funding efforts. We’re committed to making Hello Tractor’s vision a reality.”