Connecting You to Your Tractor and Your Tractor to The World

Hello Tractor equips you with the technology for smarter, better maintained, and more profitable tractors.
Our Story

What Inspires Us

Hello Tractor is an award-winning venture inspired by the idea that networked tractors hold the promise to generate sustainable profits for both tractor owner and the smallholder farmers who need their services. Impact is at our very core and this is our journey. 

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Maintenance Support

Protect your tractor investment with maintenance alerts and scheduled on-site repair with trained technicians within our network.

Know where your machine is at all times with our GPS technology.
Job Booking

Locate a network of farmers paying for tractor services via our top notch SMS booking platfrom.

For underperforming tractors, we deploy local marketing teams to boost request for tractor services


Tractor Management

Our software gives you precise reports on everything from area serviced to revenue generated. It’s so powerful that if ever our monitoring device is removed from your machine, you’d be notified immediately!


Monitor Your Operator Wherever, Whenever

Know when farmers request tractor services from your tractor operator, monitor when maintenance is completed and also how much revenue has been generated.

Need a Tractor? We Have You Covered!

Hello Tractor developed a low cost Smart Tractor designed for smallholder farmers. The machine is small, maneuverable and versatile, designed for small plots of land. The tractors have eight attachable implements for tilling, threshing, hauling up to a ton, irrigation and other vital farming needs.

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