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We are an agricultural technology company that is improving global food and income security by building a network of “Smart Tractor” owners that farmers obtain service from via SMS. This way, small landowners have access to affordable farm machine services to increase their productivity.

The Problem

For resource-poor farmers, labor shortages often leads to under-cultivation, poor harvests and lost income. Targeted farm mechanization has proven to be an effective solution to these shortages. Despite this, small farmers throughout Africa lack access to tractors to improve farm productivity.

The Solution

We designed an innovative, low-cost “Smart Tractor” specifically for small farmers unique needs. Equipped with various attachments, owners can tailor its use for a variety of crops and stages of the production cycle, allowing them to serve their customers throughout the year. The GPS antenna allows Hello Tractor to track its usage and gather data on location, market trends, and uptake.

Cloud Powered

Our powerful booking system allows farmers to conveniently request, schedule and prepay for tractor services, from nearby Smart Tractor owners, through SMS messaging and mobile money. Once service is completed, the pre-payment is automatically released to the Smart Tractor owner.



Maintenance Scheduling

We’ve got your back. Our Smart Tractors come with spare parts and trained maintenance technicians. Farm machinery needs proper care. Protect your Smart Tractor investment with maintenance alerts and scheduled on-site repair.

SMS Service Booking

A Smart Tractor is a valuable asset for both the tractor owner and farmer. By making tractor service available to a network of farmers, the tractor pays for itself. The machine is a smart short-term and long-term investment.

Data Analytics

Knowledge is power. By collecting data on when farmers plant, size of farms and planting times, Hello Tractor is adding value to industry stakeholders across the value-chain.

Usage Monitoring

Whether you are a farm cooperative sharing a Smart Tractor or an urban professional managing a fleet of Smart Tractors in a rural area, our software allows you full visibility into machine activity. This gives you piece of mind and removes the possibility of fraud and under the table dealings.

Remote Tracking

Know where your machine is at all times with machine monitoring and tracking with GPS. Receive alerts when your machine isn’t where it is supposed to be, providing Smart Tractor owners peace of mind and security.

Powerful apps for tractor monitoring and management

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